Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Memory Verse for September!

My son started Awana a couple of weeks ago, and it has me inspired to memorize verses myself. The best way to grow is through studying His I imagine having some verses in our memory banks will only be that much more helpful, right? So...I have elected to pick a verse each month to share and I will be posting a word picture to our Facebook page once a week to help embed those words in our brains.

So...let's start things off with one that has been showing up in my life over and I'm thinking it's one that He wants me to learn: Psalm 46:10.

"Be still and know that I am God."

Pretty simple, right? But oh, so powerful, too!
What a wonderful reminder that we need to cease our worrying, planning, anger, fear, and let go of our illusion of control and just know that He is God, He is good, and He will never fail and we must obey His perfect will!

Have a wonderful September, watch out for my word pictures, and I will give you a new memory verse come October! God bless!!