My story

     I am a stay-at-home mom of two (and soon to be three) beautiful little kiddos and they love to drive me nuts! There is absolutely nothing extraordinary about me or my family (as much as I'd like to think my kids are the smartest ones to ever live). My husband is currently working on an orchard doing mundane tasks that just barely cover our bills. I home-school our three-year-old and our 2-year-old and (try) to keep our house clean. I attend women's Bible study on Wednesday mornings and my son attend Awana on Tuesday nights. We all attend church every week. See? Nothing out of the ordinary here.

     My past, past is what has shaped me. Here is a testimony of mine recorded by Jeff Mesker of Undying Media in Spring of 2013. This was just before my husband and I started dating.

God has really driven me in the last few months to teach and I have had no idea what He meant, and I think maybe He wants me to use the blessings he has given me of intelligence, writing skills, and extensive computer knowledge to begin this blog to spread His word.

Take a look around!

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