Saturday, November 1, 2014

Memory Verse for November!

I don't think everyone is going to be happy about the choice of verse for this month, but I am positive it has been placed in my way for a reason. I was once told that if you find a verse repeating itself in your life, God is trying to get your attention. Well, multiple people have quoted this on their own over the past few weeks and the Holy Spirit has definitely convicted me in this area, so I've made it the memory verse for November!
Ready? Philippians 2:14...

"Do everything without complaining or arguing."

I wince when I read that. I like to complain and I love to argue. I'm going to start applying this to my life, one day at a time, with the help of our Lord. I'll start with the first part, and then add in the second.

What wonderful advice! How can we be a light in the world if we're always complaining about what's wrong with it? Why do we spend so much time dwelling on what is wrong rather than on what is right and good? Satan wants to keep us down! Don't let him! I refuse to give him a foothold, so I refuse to complain or argue anymore!

So, you don't have to implement it like myself, but record it to your memory this month! I will post more word pictures to Facebook for you all to refresh you each week!